I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Des Moines in 2009 to make my girlfriend my wife. I come from a family that cooks. My mother, father, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers. All great cooks, and all had some influence on my cooking today. My mother tells me that I would sit on the counter and stir frostings or cake mixes when I was just two years old. For the last 31 years, I have been in the service industry. Everything from bars to fine dining. Private catering, personal chef, hotel banquets, and backyard barbeques. I have also worked as a scratch bread baker and a butcher.

A food truck is a natural place for me. I have always been most comfortable in kitchens. With this truck, I have a mobile kitchen that I set up the way I want, run it the way I like, and cook exactly what I think the people will enjoy. I have the freedom to create and change to accommodate my clients and their needs. I love being able to make things that people like and I hope that you will enjoy my Street Eats.